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NOE Application Guidance 

As with most career progressions, becoming an Officer comes with a large portion of the "paperwork" side of things. The NOE application can be tricky and therefore often requires a simplified explanation. Shiptalk assists you with completing your NOE application correctly and efficiently to ensure smooth sailing through the process.
For up and coming officers it is very important to have your paperwork in order - book a consultation with our yachting specialist for assistance.

OOW 3000gt (Yachts)

Master 500gt (Yachts)

Master 3000gt (Yachts)

Image by Jong Marshes

Has your training record book been completed  correctly?


Has your NOE application form been completed correctly?

Image by Anoushka P

Has your sea service been correctly calculated? 

Image by Glen Carrie

Want tips and tricks to streamline the process? 

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